Drager Polytron 7000 NH3, O2, H2S Fixed Gas Detector

The Dr?ger Polytron 7000 is a gas detector that can satisfy all toxic and oxygen gas measurement applications on a single platform. It is meeting the requirements of the compliance market as well as the high specification requirements of customized solutions.

Application polytron 7000 Drager: Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Industrial Safety, Confined Space Entry, Hazmat/Homeland Security, Chemical Plants, Hospital, Fire Services, Law Enforcement, Mining, Chemical Industry, Food and Beverage Industry.



Product Description

Dr?ger Polytron 7000 is upgradeable to a higher specification after it has been installed simply by adding modules. This allows the Dr?ger Polytron 7000 to develop in line with changing application requirements.

Features of polytron 7000 drager:

  1. Easy operation
  2. Communication interfaces
  3.  Remote Sensor
  4.  Relay module
  5.  Intelligent sensors
  6.  Softwares options
  7.  Pump Module

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