Dow Corning Molykote M77 Paste Grease Lubricant Lube Silicone Oil + Moly MoS2, 2 oz (57g) Container


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GENUINE DOW CORNING MOLYKOTE M77 Solid Lubricant Paste with Silicone Carrier Oil.
Consists of polyphenylmethyl siloxane (silicone base) oil, lithium stearate, and molybdenum disulphide (MoS2, “moly”), plus a few percent of a secret “vendor proprietary ingredient”.

– Contains molybdenum disulphide (“Moly”) for excellent metal/metal contact lubrication.
– Silicone based so it is safe for most plastics and rubbers. Most other Moly lubes are mineral/petroleum oil based and can affect polymers.
– Protects against fretting corrosion.
– Applications: Lubricating during running-in of gears, splines, journal bearings, cams; reducing torque in tightening threads and bolts; lubricating bearing shafts, O-rings, packings and seals, brake assemblies; press-fitting.
– Temperature Range – Solids from –50 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 to 399 degrees Celsius); base oil from –40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 232 degrees Celsius).

– This product is used successfully on metal/metal combinations with frictional and contact surfaces, brake anchor plates, and the brake pistons of disc brakes.
– Suitable for lubrication points with low to moderate loads and low speeds which are subjected to water and extreme temperatures. At temperatures above 230ºC (446ºF), the carrier volatilizes leaving virtually no residue and the remaining dry sliding film itself takes over the lubrication up to 450ºC (842ºF).
– Suitable for lubricating parts consisting of materials that are not resistant to mineral oils.”

Always follow the original equipment manufacturer’s lubrication instructions.
Do NOT lubricate areas of automotive brakes or other components or machine parts that are not specifically intended to be lubricated in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s instructions or specifications.

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