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Buy Greenlee – 50347578 7238SB Ratchet, SB, 1/2″ – 2″ at Alvexstore. The Slug-Buster knockout kit also includes a 1-inch hex ratchet for added convenience.  Now available at at best prices.

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  1. S. Craven

    use for making trade size conduit holes in electrical enclosures

  2. Brandon R. Nichols

    Love this knock out set. Cuts clean and easy to use

  3. christy

    Excellent tool, works perfectly, received it on time.

  4. Meta

    I carry the 3/4 and 1″ mostly in my bag, with the equivalent size Knipex Pliers Wrench to the ratchet. The pliers wrench is better because it doesn’t slip off and has the same leverage / speed. If you’re doing home runs or panel work then these make light / quick work of making holes when company hydraulic knockouts aren’t nearby. I keep the case and the larger knockouts in my car because I don’t frequently use them. If I had known about how much better this makes life, I would have just bought the knockouts sooner.An old man on site users an impact and a 1″ socket to twist these in boxes. I’m not that brave, but it seems to still be sharp years later and still takes it. This is a high quality / durable tool, and is known from the guys in the trades. That’s why I went with this over Klein or Harbor Freight.

  5. John J

    The kit appears to be brand new, unused per advertised. So far everything looks great. I will update the review later after I use it.

  6. Michael Danielak

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     I always know when I buy a GreenLee product that it’s money well spent. This punch set is no exception. Being from Canada and always seeing this set normally cost around $550 CAD, I jumped on getting this when I saw it for only $300 USD on while I was in the US. I’ve only used it for 1/2″ punches so far and it works like a charm. It leaves a VERY clean hole without any burs or shards that are usually left from a hole saw or stepper bit. The hole is also perfectly sized for the L16 or conduit nipple to fit into. In order to make the initial hole, I recommend that you do have a stepper bit so you can enlarge your initial pilot hole up to the size required to get the bolt through.

  7. Christopher

    Great quality product as expected from GREENLEE. I have used these consistently over the past year and have not had any issues. It is refreshing to come across quality products when the market is over saturated with garbage.

  8. patrick brothers

    New longer ratchet handle really helps with leverage and the one size dies are great no more spacer.

  9. MG in MO

    This is my second Greenlee knockout kit. The first one was purchased probably a decade ago, and is still going strong. It was the smaller set that stops at 1-1/4. I needed a larger set, so I ordered this one. The ratcheting handle beats my old method of a ratchet and socket, as it sits closer to the work and rolls off less.These are far better made than the Chinese knock-offs, like the ones HFT sells. If you only need a hole or two, buy the cheap ones. If you want something that will last years through countless holes, go with Greenlee.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Used mine for 10+ years. Had to get a couple more for expanding workforce. Best price around