Esab ORIGO ARC455 MMA Three Phase Welding Machine, 450 Amp , 220/380/440V, 50/60 Hz


4,440.00ر.س (Tax included)



Esab Origo™ Arc 455

The Origo Arc 455 is a direct current source for manual welding of a wide range of coated electrodes. Easy to operate, it is ideal for use in light and medium production industries, maintenance, locksmiths, etc. It has quick-connect connectors that speed up the connection of welding cables and optimize your time. The machine has forced cooling that promotes cooling and prevents the internal components from overheating, ensuring the perfect operation of the equipment.


  • It allows the welding of carbon steel and alloyed steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and its alloys, copper, and bronze.
  • High open circuit voltage ensures easy arc striking and excellent stability of the electric arc.
  • The current welding adjustment is done by a crank located on the front panel, which allows to precisely select the parameter according to the application.
  • Three-phase electrical supply at 220, 380, or 440V at 60 Hz, or 380V at 50 Hz.
  • Powerful cooling fan guarantees exceptional equipment performance against the excess temperature of the internal components.
  • Compact and robust cabinet, built-in galvanized sheets, and painted by an electrostatic antioxidant process.
  • Welding cables are to be connected by an OKC terminal to improve the safety of the welding area.


  • Construction
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Pipes
  • Naval and Offshore

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